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Friday, 27 September 2013

75-year-old woman makes her catwalk debut

Bridget Sojoruner modelling at a Mary's Living & Giving fashion show

I really love this woman, she is super amazing. Go lady, go lady.............

From MSN;

Forget sitting under a warm blanket with a cup of tea in one hand and a couple of knitting needles in the other, this is how we want to live life when we're 75-years-old.

Bridget Sojourner, who appeared on Channel 4 documentary Fabulous Fashionistas, lived up to her title at a charity fashion show in Richmond last night, taking to the catwalk for her modelling debut.

Bridget was the star of the runway which showcased all of the hottest autumn/winter pieces from Mary's Living & Giving store - a vintage treasure trove in Richmond.

Sojourner commented: “It’s not about fashion, it’s about style and I know how to get myself a stylish bargain. Today, my outfit is all from Richmond’s Mary’s Living & Giving shop – which is full of fabulous finds...

"...the more you buy, the more children that will be helped as every penny of profit goes to Save the Children who help to feed, clothe and educate children in the world’s poorest countries.”

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