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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lewis Hamilton hope for the best until the season is over

Lewis Hamilton is ready to fight to the end of the Formula One season, even if the championship hope has passed him by for another year. He admittedly, it wasn't the best of weekends, that's for sure, and the result was disappointing, especially as his car felt like it was really competitive. The Media asked whether it was now game over with regards to the title.

Hamilton said: "Yeah, but there's always fight in me. Even in Singapore I still drove with the thought I could win, and that will remain the same for the rest of the year”.
The above statement shows that Hamilton is far from discouraged at the sight of watching Vettel run away with proceedings yet again. Hamilton is now heading into the summer break and getting ready for his fourth world championship.

Keep the faith Lewis Hamilton; never gives in or gives up and keep fighting for the one thing you worked hard for all your life. You are still young and a role model to many young people never mind the boos.

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