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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

13 years old girl excavates herself out of a shallow grave after she was raped and buried alive

A teenage girl dug herself out of a shallow muddy grave after two men raped her and buried her alive.

The 13-year-old was abducted while walking to Koran lessons from her local village in Punjab and raped by the men in an isolated area.

Her attackers then buried her alive after they thought she had died during the assault. But she regained consciousness and managed to dig her way out of the murky grave and flag down a person walking by.

She was taken to a medical centre and survived her terrible torment.
According to media reports, her father Siddique Mughal told local police that his daughter had been taken. But they initially refused to investigate the incident.

But they were ordered to arrest the girl’s alleged attackers by the Lahore High Court Chief Justice’s Complaint Cell.

A judge from the Toba Tek Sing area, where the attack took place, has also been asked to investigate the matter.

Child rape is becoming increasingly problematic in Pakistan.

According to Pakistani children’s charity Sahil, the number of children raped between 2002 and 2012 increased from 668 to 2,788.

One of the most notable cases was that of Kainat Soomro who was attacked by four men when she was aged just 13 in 2007.

She was shunned by her village after speaking out against her attackers and was labelled a ‘kari’ or ‘black virgin’.


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