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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sensational: Aeromobil 2 .5 Flying Car Made in Slovakia

For years, inventors, innovator, entrepreneurs and men in sheds have been trying to combine car with an aeroplane, with the ultimate aim of creating a car that flies. Yet the flying car still remains the reserve of science fiction films and action movies.

Recently the Terrafugia Transition has brought these wild flights of fancy closer to reality. It's called the Aeromobil and it could be coming to skies near you soon.
It is a very interesting design, speaking from a woman perspective. Twin verticals, angle elevators, engine recharges the batteries and all seem pretty cool. Wish someone would make one that is mass producible and affordable because I would really like to fly one someday.  
Come on! I want my flying car. Lol

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