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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

1 in 5 UK workers admits sleeping on the job with Wednesday the most likely day

A new study has revealed that fifth of British office workers dozed off at their desks. The poll of sleepy staff found that a third of those questioned had taken a nap at work due to an afternoon energy drop, with one in five actually falling asleep at their desks.
Around 22 per cent of the 2,000 UK office staff polled has snoozed for between ten minutes and an hour - with most people napping for 47 minutes and Wednesday being the day these workers are most likely to nod off in the office. The research was carried out by energy drink Lucozade Revive, who noted that a sneaky one in ten admitted to falling asleep in a meeting room or an office bathroom.Women sleeping on the job  at least once a week, compared to men.
And it appears workers’ happy moods helps colleagues stay awake, working with cheerful colleagues helps them fight fatigue in the office and (38 per cent) of those who nap at work confessing they do so because they hate their job.

 63 per cent  blame a ‘heavy lunch’ for their afternoon fatigue and 33 per cent blame boozing the night before.

Regular afternoon dips in energy equate to an average of 24 unproductive days a year - equating to almost a tenth of the average worker’s annual salary.

The research shows that struggling to stay awake at work is becoming part of modern life and people need to manage their energy better and think about their diet, physical activity and lifestyle.

Daily Mail

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