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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

152 ex-soldiers sentenced to death for 2009 Bangladesh border guard mutiny

A court in Bangladesh has sentenced 152 people to death for their actions in a 2009 border guard mutiny in which 74 people, including 57 military commanders, were killed.
The mass trial involved 846 defendants and has been criticised by a human rights group which says it was not credible and that at least 47 suspects died in custody.
The mutiny on February 25-26 2009 took place two months after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took office. The influential military was unhappy over the response of the government, which did not allow troops to attack the border guards' headquarters in Dhaka where military commanders were killed.
New York-based Human Rights Watch has criticised the legal proceedings and called for a new trial because suspects have had limited access to lawyers.
"Trying hundreds of people en masse in one giant courtroom, where the accused have little or no access to lawyers is an affront to international legal standards," said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch.


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