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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

2 midwives left newborn baby face down in a stationery cupboard ….

Two midwives responsible for a sick woman's four-day-old baby lay the child on its stomach and left it in a stationery cupboard, a tribunal has heard.
Yvonne Musonda-Malata (right) and Christine Onade (left) are accused of failing to provide appropriate clinical care to a baby while working on a night shift at Queen’s Hospital, Romford, north east London.
Ms Malata, 35, who has worked as a nurse since 2004, was responsible for looking after the baby while its mother caught up on sleep, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) was told.
It is alleged that Malata tended to the baby, known as Baby A, in a cot by the midwives' station before moving it into a large stationery cupboard after it became unsettled. The baby was fed although it was overfed. There was a lack of clarity for who was caring for Baby A because Miss Onade was reluctant to accept responsibility for Baby A. Both midwives deny all allegations.
The incident brought the hospital into disrepute due to the publicity in The Sun.
The hearing continues….

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