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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Amazing! Canadian teen constructs rollercoaster from 25,000+ K'Nex pieces in his bedroom

Obsession: Nick Cottreau (pictured) built the enormous K'NEX rollercoaster using 25,000 pieces

I love innovation and creativity stuff especially when is created by teenagers  - Check out the staggering images of one teenager's enormous constructions made entirely from K'Nex.
Meet Nick Cottreau, [picture above] from Nova Scotia, Canada, he spent more than six months and used more than 25,000 of the toy pieces to create a giant rollercoaster model that fills his entire bedroom.
The curiosity and obsession to build mammoth models started when Nick received his first K'Nex set at the age of five.
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K'Nex is a construction toy invented by Joel Glickman that is designed and produced in Pennsylvania, USA. K'Nex first went on sale 1993, the toy's building system consists of interlocking plastic rods and connectors, which can be pieced together to form a wide variety of models.
In total, Nick, 16, has used more than 37,000 pieces of K'Nex to design the extravagant rollercoaster. Nick’s friends and family are all generally quite impressed with the machines and find it amazing that he can build stuff as complex as they are.

Nick said: 'Sometimes I would work on [the rollercoaster] every day for a week, sometimes I would not touch it for more than two weeks'
Sometimes Nick would work on [the rollercoaster] every day for a week, sometimes he would not touch it for more than two weeks.
The majority of the pieces used in the build were gifts for Christmas or birthday, but if Nick's were to buy all of the pieces new it would cost in execs of £2000.


The giant rollercoaster model fills the teenager's entire bedroom. One cycle of the rollercoaster takes around seven minutes to complete and features numerous lifts, drops, spins and loops which keep the balls moving around the track.


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