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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Be Cheerful - Giving Up Is Not An Option

Positive thinkers always see an opportunity in every difficulty but negative thinkers always see difficulty in every opportunity . No matter what happens or is happening in your life, see the difficult situation as an opportunity to display your ingenuity and sagacity. Therefore, be strong because problems comes and go but opportunity miss is distressing.
Under no circumstances should you let any difficulties or problems weigh you down; rather turn it into an opportunity to innovate a new solution. You are strong, it in you, you can be whatever you want to be by the special grace of God Giving up is not an option, you have come too far to let go, I beg you, hold-on, these difficulties have come to make you strong and I know you can scale through that problem if you don't quit. Remember quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit.  
Determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation you may find yourself. Know that the greater part of happiness or sadness depends on your characters and not your circumstances. Confidence may not lead to success but it helps face any challenges just like the umbrella, it can't stop the rain but can prevent the rain from pouring on you. Sometimes all we can see is the pain in our lives, but God sees the potential. He is waiting for you to influence the world in a positive way with your potential.

The Lord will sustain you and HE will be your anchor even in that storm, your boat will not sink, just keep looking at the Master, HE is reaching out to you now… yes you

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