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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Black is beautiful!!! Ladies Embrace Your Natural Hair.... enjoy your hair

In the month of October 2012, I decided to chopped off all my relax hair, is not because natural hair is kind of coming back to trend but I wanted to manage my hair everyday and feel healthy. I think people get used to relaxer so much that they don't understand that natural hair is just as beautiful.  

I'm not saying that relaxed people are follower of Hitler but, what I am saying is that sometimes, it seems like people think that natural hair is unattractive when it’s just as beautiful as Gold.  

The bible refers to women's hair as her 'GLORY and COVERING' wow ladies embrace this truth. Please don't get me wrong, I mean, I’ve change from relaxed to natural so, I'm not bashing nobody whatsoever. I'm just saying, we need to stop this controversial thing about which is better (natural or relaxed?). We are all beautiful and wonderfully made by God almighty, is just that we have different tastes and different personalities.

I love my natural hair, is beautiful and there is no such thing as Good hair or Bad hair because everybody is unique and everybody has their own style.  

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