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Friday, 1 November 2013

Caution!!! Ladies please unplug your hair straighteners

SORRY: Ellie and the charred remains of her bedroom 
A teenager set her home in flames by failing to unplug her hair straighteners.

14 years old Ellie Palin, forgot all about her hair straightener when she went out with friends, by the time she came home, her bedroom was already gutted.

LUCKY: Ellie holds what was once her hair straighteners  

Ellie’s felt really guilty because the fire affected the rest of the house.
Marianne, 44, Ellie’s mum was really upset when she heard about the house fire, though she knew her daughter did not do it on purpose.
Disaster was averted when Ellie’s older brother Callum smelled smoke at their home in Knypersely, Staffs, and dialled 999. 

LESSON: Ellie was lucky the whole house was not destroyed. Would you to be lucky like Ellie? 
Please it is vital that we unplug our hair straighteners because they can reach up to 200 degrees so should always be treated with extreme care.