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Monday, 11 November 2013

Exclusive: Little Mix answers Smash Hits interview questions

                Little Mix (L-R:Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwal
2011's X Factor winners Little Mix have come a long way in a short time.They've sold more than three million records in just over 18 months, and their debut album, DNA, charted at number four in the US - breaking a girl band record set by the Spice Girls.
The quartet have just released their follow-up album, Salute - a crisp, smart collection of pop songs inspired by the vocal harmonies of Destiny's Child and En Vogue.
In honour of their US chart victory, Smash Hits magazine decided to ask Little Mix the questions they once asked the Spice Girls.
SMASH HITS: Have you ever played Spin the Bottle?
Leigh-Anne: Of course! Who's not played spin the bottle? But I have never done the kiss version. I always wanted to, but I never did. We did the truth or dare one instead.
But I always thought what if they don't want to kiss you? Or what if they've got a weird thing on their lip? You'd have to run.
SMASH HITS: What's the best phrase you've picked up in another language?
Perrie: Geki oko punpun maru! It just means that I'm cross with you, but in a cute way, in Japanese. You know how in Japanese everything's cute? Kawaii! So when you're angry with someone, you just have to be cute!
Leigh-Anne: I like Yabai! That just rolls off the tongue. It means sick, wicked in Japanese.
SMASH HITS: What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done to impress someone?
Jesy: When I was younger, there was a guy and he was really good at skateboarding. So I got on a skateboard and thought that I could do it, and went flying down the hill and broke me arm in front of him.
Leigh-Anne: Oooof.
Jade: Did you cry in front of him?
Jesy: Yeah it was horrible. I was so uncool. I thought he would love a little skater chick.
After your X Factor performance, someone wrote on YouTube: "This is the true amount of skin that should be shown, not like other artists, who are pretty much naked".
Leigh-Anne: That's good.
Perrie: It's a compliment. We don't want to gyrate on the floor with no clothes on, but we do want to look sexy. We're 20-odd years old, so we want to look nice and pretty and cool, but we do it in a way that's more mature.
SMASH HITS: Would you ever have plastic surgery?
Jade: I think people end up looking older when they get all that work done.
Jesy: Some people have had Botox and they're so young. I just think 'why are you doing it?'
Perrie: But we don't know how we're going to feel when we're 40.
Jesy: Whatever makes you happy. If it makes you feel better about yourself, then I'm all for it.
Perrie: Do you know you can get stuff in your feet? You get Botox put in the bottom of your feet, so when you go on nights out, your feet don't hurt. Do you know how weird that is?
Leigh-Anne: But you see Botox? They don't really know the long-term effects of it. That's what scares me.

Source: BBC News entertainment
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