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Saturday, 2 November 2013

First-of-a-kind projects: Company plans to turn Hyperloop dream into hypercool reality

It sounds insane to take an enormous hamster tube, suck most of the air from it, insert a hovercraft full of humans and accelerate it to 800 miles per hour.
But according to Patricia Galloway, that wild concept is no dream, it’s very much real because the feasibility is done and what the company is working on now is conceptual design.
If the company succeeds, Hyperloops may someday replace the train and plane as a way to get between points A and B. This will revolutionize how people travel from city to city.

Hyperloop, entails sleek pods that travel within low-pressure tubes that are nearly airless. The pods would hover on a cushion of air, floating above thin skis of a custom metal alloy; air sucked in through a front intake on the pod would be compressed and ejected beneath to levitate it above the metal sleeve lining the tube.
An artist's concept of Elon Musk's Hyperloop passenger capsule, with doors open at the station
Electromagnets would then zap the craft forward at high speeds -- some would say “ludicrous speed,” in the words of the classic film “Spaceballs.” According to a new timeline of planned milestones, the company will have an updated whitepaper for release by 2014.
I love innovation and I'm excited already!

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