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Monday, 11 November 2013

Heartless but hilarious: California swimmer chased out of water by shark…..

A man is tricked into thinking he is being chased by a real shark.  After hearing a cry of 'shark' this man did what anyone would, and made a desperate dash to shore. However, it was diver swimming underwater holding a fake shark fin.

The prank victim turns around and, to his horror, sees a shark fin in the water just feet away and immediately begins to swim to land as his friends howl with laughter in the background.

It was only when he reached the shore that the swimmer realized he was victim to a cruel - but hilarious - prank.

A video of the prank believed to have been filmed in Woffard Heights in California, has now gone viral and been viewed almost 90,000 times in just one day.
Source: DM

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