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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Help is here read me!!! Are you looking for a Job? Are you writing your CV?

Previous work experience in a HR role for one of the recruitment agency in London makes me to realise that for a candidate to make an impression on a potential employer is a matter of second or 2 minutes.  Job competition is fierce in our time, so it’s very important to know what employers are looking for in CVs and what make them instantly pass on a candidate.
People do make mistake but sometimes you just have to be honest because honesty is the best policy. You don’t want to be caught lying on your CV because it could seriously hamper your chances for landing that job you been hoping for.
Also make sure you include a cover letter with your CV in order to increase your chances of getting that job. Please try to avoid spelling errors and typo, give it to someone intelligent to proof read your CV for you.

Here's what you shouldn't include on your CV

1. Too much exaggeration of work experience
It's always good to have a suitable and great amount of work experience. But most candidates exaggerated a lot. For example instead of listed “Project Support” under work experience some candidate would write “Project Manager” or Project Co-ordinator. These job roles are not the same and please don’t fool yourself. Keep it short and simple.

2. Bogus references
If you put God down as a reference and provided no phone number, how do you want potential future employer to call you. Sometimes people use their friend’s home address and name for reference but thanks to Google. Look for voluntary job to do in your community and I’m sure they will give you reference instead of lying on your CV.

3. Wild hobby/ hobbies
Candidate sometimes thinking the more unusual their hobbies, the more employers will have interest in them. Nope! It doesn’t work out that way. For example listing "lion tamer" as one of your hobby it a NO……

3. I'm a future King or Prince!
This candidate seems to be proud of his pedigree. He claimed to be a direct descendant of a royal family. Please keep it to yourself and let your character speak for you not your chieftaincy.

4. Writing CV on a torn out page
Your CV should always be presentable or offer an impeccable appearance.

4. Lyrical CV
Applicants for creative professions often like to send unusual CVs but don't overdo it. Keep it simple!

5. Unprofessional email address
Email address could be a turn-off for recruitment agency and company in general. Candidate may not be contacted at all if email address for example is “, party or" in it.

6. Different font size
Consistency is very important in writing your CV’s make sure you align text to both the right and left margin and check for spelling and Grammar too.

7. And who are you?
The candidate's photograph on the CV didn't match the person the hiring manager spoke with on Skype (different ethnicity).

8. Previous employer: It's a secret!
For example if a candidate included mystery shopper under her experience, but didn't reveal the name of the employer because "it's a secret." Please avoid doing this mistake, include the name of the company, to save you from your unemployment situation.

I pray and hope you find the Job you looking for soon. Have a lovely week!

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