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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hilarious Video! Girl rejects 'Average-looking' Tim but fall for 'Peeping Tom' (Stalkers)

Speaking from a woman perspective, most of the time, first impression is often based on men appearances before I even listen to what they have to say, especially when I meet them at a public place such as bar, club and parties in general. 
I guess is not always the best! So ladies be….. because if you close your eyes for an uncouth or uncivilized guy to walk by you might just lost a gem!  Well, I want to have beautiful babies but still look at the content not the container J
This phenomenon has been explored in a hilarious new video that has taken the internet by storm.
Girls are a****** 
In Girls Are A*******: At a Bar , which has been viewed more than 1.8million times since it was posted on Monday, an average-looking guy walks up to two girls sitting at a bar and says earnestly: 'Hi. I saw you from across the bar and I think you're really beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?'
Girls are a******                                     
Instead of giving him a chance, the girls turn him down, only to be blindly charmed by a better looking man who approaches them after and propositions them in a way that suggests he's most definitely a stalker. . 'I know this is video is just for entertainment, but it was a little ……. because of how accurate …….
Scroll down for video
Note: I am not in support of the name given to the video!
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