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Friday, 15 November 2013

How deep is your love for adventure?

Underwater room at the Manta Resort, East Africa

Hi friends!!

I love adventure! Traveling is one of my favourite hobbies………wish it wasn’t so expensive, I’d be doing a lot more of it J.  I just wanted to share my love of adventure with you but I understand that not everyone shares this sentiment.
Three of the coolest places I’ve been to were France, Holland and London. The travelling was fun. I wish that I had already done more, and hope that I WILL do more in the future by the special grace of God. New experiences, new people, new foods, new surroundings…I love all of it: the getting there AND the being there.

Though, I’m not someone who loves sitting on her butt for hours and hours on end, but once I get to my destination that kind of stress melted away.  
Even though my travel track record kind of ….. for the past two years, I still know one thing.  If I have any extra money in my life, I want to spend it on EXPLORING.  On traveling. I would love to travel to other places like Dominica, in the Caribbean and Zanzibar Island in Tanzania, East Africa.
I would love to sleep with the fishes at the new opened hotel on the little known island of Pemba, off the mainland of Tanzania and Zanzibar. I know, it’s not the first underwater room, although it may be one of the most remote.
The newly opened Manta Underwater Room is13 feet under the India Ocean - allows travellers to observe shoals of fish drifting past during the day, watch squid and octopus at night, and perhaps even spot rarer underwater creatures lurking in the coral which is developing around the base of the room and its anchoring lines.

                   The Underwater Manta Room, East Africa
The Resort is situated on an idyllic island beach on the northern most point of one of East Africa’s finest island sanctuaries.
With a population of 300,000 in total, the island has a very low level of tourism despite white coral sand and clear waters.

                           The Underwater Manta Room, East Africa
Guests of the Manta Underwater Room sleep in a glass-walled underwater chamber surrounded only by the sea while, above sea level, two additional levels are provided for leisure and recreation. The roof doubles as a sunbathing terrace during the day and a stargazing spot night.                                                                                                     

The Underwater Manta Room, East Africa

The Underwater Manta Room, East Africa
Idle days: The beach island of Pemba is blissfully quiet. Right, should you wish to investigate your surroundings a little further, there are ample opportunities for diving in...

                        The Underwater Manta Room, Pemba, East Africa - skydeck
Higher ground: There's also a skydeck to the room, should you wish to sleep under the stars instead. The Underwater Manta Room can only be reached by boat.

I can't wait to go and visit! Would you? Lol
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  1. By the special grace of God this place is on by list, I shall be there