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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Is this the way your bathroom will look in the future?

Next- generation bathroom

The modern bathroom has entered the digital age with a host of hi-tech, high style gadgets. With remote controlled showers, touch sensitive taps, waterproof TV and all-singing toilet seats having hot water and decent water pressure is no longer enough.


Trying to solve the global water crisis, one wash at a time, the CINTEP shower recycles 70 per cent of the water it uses by recirculating and filtering. For each litre of mains water used the shower recycles 3.3litres, enough to cut consumption in the typical household by up to 40,000 litres per year.

So much more than a mirror, the Cyber Mirror is a Full HD Windows 8 based touchscreen multimedia device that gives you access to your digital life even while you’re shaving. Also features Wi-Fi, stereo speakers, health monitoring and analysis and a TV. Available soon from Tech2o.

If only we all have money to purchase these toys life would have been better.

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