Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I've Got a Lovely Sightsee Treat For You - Lincoln City, So Enjoyed the Tour!

Aviw of Castle square - which is not a square at all.  In the foreground is the cobbled surface of the open space which is surrounded by historic buildings.  From left to right, the regency assembly rooms, a georgian 3 story house, then Leigh-Pemberton house: a half-timbered building with the upper story jettied out.  Then a medieval church and the entance to the Cathedral cclose.  In the left distance the towers of the cathedral rise into a blue sky.

Well, hello there everyone! I am Alaba Saliu from Lincoln, the cathedral city and county of Lincolnshire, England.  Today, I am pleased as dove to introduce my lovely city to you.

The Londoners are so much warmer than Lincoln people in this time of the year J
I brought along some photos of my city for you.

From the first picture above, my city looks like an old village J, but once inside it magically, surrounded with water, windmills, castle and lovely historic building.
I still can’t figure out why the people living in Lincoln are so fabulous and convivial.  JJJJJJ 
I have to tell you that the very first time I ever stepped my foot in this city, I didn’t have to go any farther than the cathedral, to know it was meant to be my municipality. I just had an overwhelming feeling that I was meant to live here.

Plus, I didn’t get the feeling like there were any chauvinistic living here, so yeah that was another reason J  
Lincoln Cathedral floats high above the city and can be seen for miles around in every direction.  It's a sight that has welcomed visitors for nearly a thousand years.
Lincoln Waterside view

Lincoln city is a tourist centre and those who come to visit the numerous historic buildings including the cathedral, the castle, and the Medieval Bishop's Palace also visit the Waterside empowerment sculpture. It’s very peaceful.

Let’s start the tour with the Lincoln BIG Mini day

I have a little thing about cool and quirky Mini cars for different reasons and sometimes I just can’t wait to drive one of those mini cars. I blame it on my love for driving small but portable car J
If someone put a glue gun to my head and made me describe Lincoln High street shopping centre, in addition to my afro kinky hair, I would say it has cutting end fashion shops/fine antique shops/individually owned specialist shops/high street fashion store…….

I love shopping at Lincoln because all my favourite high street stores can be found on Lincoln’s bustling and vibrant high street which boasts two superb shopping centres, indoor markets, and a variety of places to eat and drink.

Inside Lincoln shopping mall UK

The University of Lincoln is a British university in the city of Lincoln, England. The university has origins tracing back to 1861, and after gaining university status in 1992, was known as the University of Lincoln. At the University of Lincoln student learn by generating knowledge through real research or projects which replicate the process of research within their chosen discipline.

Lincoln school of Art and Design 
 Lincoln University campus

Lincoln College
Siemens Lincoln UK
Lincoln City Tall Apartments 
                                                    New Life Church Lincoln

New Life Lincoln is a thriving city-centre church based in the beautiful city of Lincoln, UK. New Life members are a group of people from all walks of life being transformed by Jesus Christ.
The mission of New Life, Lincoln is to lead people to become dedicated followers of Christ. New Life Church in Lincoln have a calling to reach their neighbourhood, city, region and world with the good news of Jesus Christ. The church is passionate in their worship, devoted to The Word of God and people of The Spirit.
 Meeting together to worship every Sunday at 9:30, 11:30 and 18:30 and the church run many mid-week activities too.

People shopping on the Lincoln high street
                                                      Christmas Market day
                                                   Lincoln train station 

                                                 Lincoln county hospital

                                                   High street and Cathedral view

                                               The Lincoln City Football Stadium

Well, I hope you don’t mind me scooting you guys out of here. I need to get on back to work on some Christmas projects. Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog today.

I’d love for you to come and visit my lovely city someday.
And have a wonderful day!

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