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Friday, 8 November 2013

NY dad .......... for not taking son to McDonald's

David Schorr, a corporate attorney turned consultant with degrees from NYU and Oxford University, had planned to take his 4-year-old son to their usual restaurant, the Corner Café on Third Avenue, for his weekly Tuesday night visitation last week.

But the boy threw a temper tantrum and demanded McDonald’s. So he gave his son an ultimatum: dinner anywhere other than McDonald’s — or no dinner. But the child chose the ‘no dinner’ option.
The boy told his mum that he went to bed without dinner on Tuesday and she was really concerned. A street psychiatrist, Marilyn Schiller filed a report and told the judge deciding their custody battle that Schorr was “wholly incapable of taking care of his son” and should be denied his weekend visitation over the greasy burger ban.

Schorr was really disappointed and said “I wish I had taken him to McDonalds, but you get nervous about rewarding bad behaviour. I was concerned. I think it was a 1950s equivalent of sending your child to bed without dinner. That’s maybe the worst thing you can say about it,”

Adding insult to injury his estrange wife immediately took the boy to McDonald's after she won the custody battle in court on Thursday.
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