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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Oh deer, oh deer, where is Santa? Villagers rescue deer ……........................Hallelujah!

You can't sit there until Christmas!
It looked like one of Santa's helpers arrived early to one French town but bizarrely ended up getting stuck on a roof leading to a dramatic rescue attempt.

Homeowner Marie-Thérèse Decloux told La Nouvelle Republique that she heard a noise at around 5pm and thought people were just throwing out glass bottles.

Rescuers believed the deer had gone into a garden in a neighbouring house during the night which drops down onto the garage from a hill above.
The sika deer - looking remarkably like one of Santa's reindeer couldn't get off the garage because tiles were slippery.

Firefighters and police had to barricade parts of the village of Verneuil-sur-Indre, in the Loire, France, after the large animal was stuck.

Nevertheless, after over an hour, rescuers were able to put a canvas on the roof to give the deer enough traction on the slippery tiles to allow it to climb back up to the garden above the garage.
At last Rudolph the No Red Nosed Reindeer finally finds its feet to fly to North Pole! Hallelujah!

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