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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

♦Part 1♦ Worst Relationship Mistakes ❃Bishop T D Jakes❃

This is an amazing message. I believe that many Christians have fallen prey to predators on two legs, who are not suitable for marriage, and thus had the "damaging" experience. The key is to seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness so that you can have wisdom and understanding BEFORE you find yourself in a situation that God must deliver you from.

I am still single and I really need to know myself first for now (this is my time of discovery) so that I can exhibit the characters of the virtuous woman that the book of proverb chapter 31 verse 10 to 31talks about. You see, nowadays a lot of singles pray that God should put somebody in their life but the question is, are we ready to accommodate the person, do we have the spirit of love in us because we can give what we don't have.

I just pray that when the right man and woman comes our way that we will be ready. My philosophy about life is until we treat people the way God treat us we might still remain single, therefore let us humble ourselves. Pursuing a relationship with someone is a spiritual thing because it involves Love and devil hate when we love other people, that is why love must be pursue everyday and we need to put it on like a cloth. Love is not 1, me and myself Love is me, you, us and them.

Marriage is not for Christmas, Valentine or seasonal is for Life and whosoever we have chosen to spend the rest of our lives with can either land us in heaven or hell. I pray that we will not miss it in Life in Jesus name. Amen

Stay blessed!!! 
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