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Monday, 4 November 2013

Photographer has close encounter of the bear kind

A wildlife photographer David Yarrow came face to face with an adult brown bear in the wilds of Alaska.

The self-taught 47-year-old confrontation was his "one moment of real fear" during his travels to some of the most remote spots on Earth for his new book.

The encounter happened in the Katmai National Park, Alaska, which is home to thousands of wild brown bears.

One afternoon, Mr Yarrow was walking alone along a path to his sea plane, as he turned a corner after a 20-minute walk through the woods, to his surprise, Yarrow was met with the sight of an approaching bear 80 yards away.  After the initial shock, he instinctively raised his camera and took one picture - the lack of crispness hints at his fast heartbeat and sense of haste.

Thank God he participated in the 30-minute mandatory safety drill on his arrival in Katmai. He then did as the safety drill instructed and stood to one side talking loudly to the bear. 'Good afternoon Mr Bear', repeated regularly and louder and louder with a pronounced elevation in each rendition.

Luckily the bear wandered off showing no interest in Yarrow’s whatsoever. And not too long after this incident, a photographer elsewhere in Alaska was killed by a bear.



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