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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Prayer for Philippines and Vietnam: Typhoon Haiyan hits Philippines

More than 120 people are reported killed by Typhoon Haiyan on one Philippines island, as the country tries to recover from the storm. The military has begun relief efforts.

The super typhoon, triggered landslides that blocked roads, uprooted trees and ripped roofs off houses. The Philippines is always batters with 20 typhoons and storms in a year.

The typhoon is now heading for Vietnam, and is expected to make landfall on Sunday. Vietnamese authorities have begun the mass evacuation of more than 100,000 people.

View of devastation in the city of Tacloban - 9 November
The city of Tacloban was one of the worst affected

Vehicles are pictured stranded in a flooded street filled with debris after Typhoon Haiyan hit the central Philippine city of Tacloban
Philippines TV broadcast images of the city

Volunteers in Manila repack rice for victims - 9 November
Relief efforts have begun, with military planes flying to the worst-hit areas

Flood waters caused by Typhoon Haiyan in Mindoro, Philippines
Images from Mindoro island showed severe floods accompanying the storm surge.

Damaged village hall in Iloilo - 9 November
Many buildings were damaged or destroyed in Iloilo province

Father God, we thank you for Your faithfulness to the people of Philippines and Vietnams. We thank You Lord that, despite manifold devastations, the people and the nation still belong to You because you created them.
We implore You Lord to eradicate all acts of Typhoon, storms, unbearable stuff and suffering that blight the peoples of Philippines and … acts that leave many people homeless, dead, harm and defenceless, and that leave a nation trapped in fear.
Lord we pray for your mercy and forgiveness over this countries today in Jesus name. Amen!!!
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