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Friday, 15 November 2013

Say yes to life: Quirky photos that make you smile

Hi everyone, how are you today?
Well, I know life can be great, but not when we can't see it. So, let open our eyes to life, to see it in the brilliant colours that God gave us as a precious gift to His children. Let us enjoy life to the fullest, and make it count. Say yes to life. J
I am enjoying life to the fullness, having fun with what I do every day and I want you to do the same. So, I decided to look for something that can make you smile more. J

Here are some brilliant series of conceptual photos with clever twists and creative concepts that can make you look twice and laugh. Laugh is good for you because people that laugh live longer. J

Zack Seckler was the photographer behind all the below brilliant series of conceptual photos. The collections are like miniature jokes in the form of pixels: each one is strange and quirky.

So, enjoy and stay blessed J
Don't worry boy give yourself another 12 years....... Lol
Funny, Ape
Poor you, where is your body?
Don't touch is too hot  :) I wish

Loneliness is not good for you, be friendly!

Seriously? hmmm




Have a nice day!


  1. I say yes to life and thank you Alaba

  2. I say yes to life, thank you.
    Alaba, here are the SEASONS OF LIFE you will find interesting ...