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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Should we blame our Society or Poverty? Brazilian teens ...forced.. sell .... for just £8

Waiting by the side of the dusty dual carriageway in a skimpy lilac dress which hung loose from her birdlike body, the girl looked lost and painfully alone in the dark Brazilian night.
It was 1.30am and there was no obvious explanation why she should be on a dreadful stretch of road rather than asleep in her own bed.
But deeply disturbing as underage girls are sold for sex every ten miles along the BR-116 (top left). Matt Roper, a British journalist, investigated the depth of the abuse and was horrified by what he uncovered.
Pictured:  Right sisters Rebeca, 15 and Milene, 12, from Salgueiro. Rebeca is a mother of two - she has a two-year-old and six-month-old baby. Left: Leilah, 11, standing by the side of the dusty motorway as she waits for truck drivers to pick her up. Bottom: Girls paint a mural on the wall in a charity refuge. The cheapest fee for a transaction is £8.
One of the most horrific cases involved a 16-year-old called Mara, who lived with her mother and two brothers in Serrinha.  At the age of 11, their landlord Jonas began to sell her for sex because he gave the young girl food when her mother went to work.
He also raped her and she fell eventually pregnant. Jonas forced her to carry out a horrific abortion using a coat hanger, leaving her bleeding and distraught. She turned to drugs and is now being pimped out by local gangsters.
And then there was Mariana. At 13, she was forced to sell her body on the motorway by her own mother Maria. Sometimes her parent would even walk her to the road, negotiate her price and then greedily snatch away the money for cigarettes. 
UNICEF estimates there are 250,000 children in prostitution across Brazil.
My heart cries out for all these teens 
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