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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sinkhole swallows house in Dunedin, Florida but family ………

Properties damaged by a sinkhole in Dunedin, Florida. Image: AP Photo, The Tampa Bay Times, Douglas R. Clifford

A family in the US state of Florida fled their home in the middle of the night minutes before it collapsed into a sinkhole.
Michael Dupre, his wife Jannie and daughter Ivy ran outside their house in Dunedin after being woken by the sound of a large crack. Firefighters were called to the scene and were able to retrieve Mr Dupre's wedding ring from a desk in his office before the sinkhole swallowed the rest of the property.
The hole is estimated to be around 70ft wide, 50ft deep - and growing. Seven houses in the area have been evacuated of residents as a precaution. Mr Dupre had noticed "a few little hairline cracks" around his home a few weeks ago, and had got as far as arranging for workers to come and start stabilising the ground.
Sinkholes are common in Florida, with hundreds recorded each year. The ground throughout the state is made up of porous rocks such as limestone, which are prone to erosion from chemicals reacting with oxygen in water.
The Dupres won't be able to return to their home just yet, however. They are currently staying at a Holiday Inn, which has agreed to put them up for two nights.

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