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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Strange! Guys, please don't try this at home: A "biohacker" implants chip on arm

A biohacker has inserted a computer under his skin without a doctor's help and without anesthetics. Hmmm, read further!
Tim Cannon is a German-based biohacker who want to live more than a thousand years and never dies. He works for a company called Grindhouse Wetware, which designed device that can be integrated with the human body.
The device is called biometric sensor and it can be fitted under the skin and connects by Bluetooth to an Android tablet. The sensor tracks changes in body's temperature. If the temperature reaches a certain level, a text message is sent warning him of a fever or……..
Cannon created the sensor, called Circadia 1.0, using a Bluetooth connector, computer chip, and fitted it with LED lights. These LEDs act as ‘status lights’ that can be used to light up a tattoo on Cannon’s arm, under which the sensor is fitted. The sensor is set to go on sale 'soon' for around $500 (£313). Fitting charges is around $200 (£125).
To insert the device, an incision was made on Cannon's forearm above an existing tattoo. His skin was lifted and separated away from his tissue and the device was inserted into the pocket that was created, before being stitched up.
The idea behind the sensor is to capture people's imagination and to make history.
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