Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Act of Kindness:Woman rescued a pregnant Gambian orphan – husband seduce the…. and breaks her heart but....

Eight years ago Linda Buchwald and Peter Blackwell rescued Evelyn, then 21, and her twin sons, Peter and Simon, from a life of grinding poverty in their native country Gambia.
While on holiday in West Africa, they overheard that a pregnant hotel dancer had been fired for being pregnant, the would be couple looked for Evelyn, sat her down and she told them her story, they instantly felt compelled to help.
Peter and Linda overheard a hotel guest say a dancer had been fired because she was pregnant

Evelyn’s mother had left home when she was five. Her cruel father had died when she was ten. She had lived rough and been sexually abused.
At 14, she embarked on a relationship with an 18-year-old man and worked as a dancer, performing in shows to tourists at the hotel where Linda and Peter were staying. When Evelyn later discovered she was pregnant, her boyfriend left her.
Linda and Peter vowed to help because of her tearful story, opening a bank account for Evelyn with a £100 deposit and buying her a mobile phone so she could stay in touch. Nonetheless, Evelyn admits that she doubted the would be couple.

Linda and Peter flew to see the boys, Peter and Simon, when they were born, and moved Evelyn into their family home in Britain after pledging to help her raise her boys. It was an act of apparently heart-warming selflessness, reported in the Daily Mail at the time.
Trouble: The couple from Heddington took the mother and twins in. But Evelyn was scared off by Peter
But within months of Evelyn’s arrival in Britain, Peter, 67, had repeatedly tried to seduce his bewildered African ‘daughter’, all the while playing the part of loving husband and doting grandfather. Linda and Peter got married in January 2006 while Evenly was still living with them in the UK.
It was the ultimate betrayal and one which split this unconventional family apart.
Evelyn fled back to Gambia, preferring life as a poor single mother to the trauma of Peter’s unwanted advances. Meanwhile a humiliated and heartbroken Linda was left to contemplate the wreckage of her once-happy relationship.
Under the circumstances, you might expect Linda would want nothing more to do with the young African woman who unwittingly brought with her such disappointment — but far from it. 
Shattered by her husband’s treachery, but determined some good might come from their time together, Linda persuaded her to return to the UK — finally achieving her wish in December 2007 when Evelyn and her sons got a five-year visa.
Happy: Last month Evelyn and her boys, Peter and Simon, were granted permanent UK residence
But Linda wanted permanent security for the family unit to which she is as devoted as if they were her own flesh and blood, and now that dream has been fulfilled. Linda’s children were supportive of her motive throughout.
Last month, Evelyn, now 29, and her sons were granted permanent UK residence, bringing to an end years of anxiety about the long-term future.
Little wonder that both women now enjoy an unbreakable bond, one that is all too clear from just a few moments in their company.

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