Friday, 22 November 2013

The story of proud parents and their 17th baby

Christi and Dave Cason have one of the biggest families in America after welcoming their 17th child.

Christi, 42, gave birth to new arrival Vaughn on Tuesday, and she says she and Dave haven't ruled out having more children. The couple showed off their new baby-Vaughn, who weighed a healthy 8lb, 6oz at Rancho Springs Medical Center in Murrieta, California.

Speaking from the hospital, telecoms engineer, Dave, said:

 “Although I've been at Christi's side for 16 births I'm still blown away at welcoming new life into the world. It's an amazing experience - I cry every time.”

“Vaughn is our second largest baby and we love him just as much as all the others. The labour seemed to go really well but Christi is so experienced she makes it look easier than it is.”

Christi and Dave, from Lake Elsinore, California, are already parents to Dalton, 20, Austin, 18, Bailey, 16, Gage, 15, Kaylee, 13, Harper, 12, Emma, 11, Rebekah, nine, Trevor, eight, Walker, seven, Morgan, six, Laura, five, Sawyer, three, and Nathaniel, two - and Christi's two children from a previous relationship, Jessica, 23, and Chad, 21.
Christi's eldest daughter, Jessica, 23, recently gave birth to the couple's first grandchild, Jaedyn, in February.

With so many children to care for, daily routines are run with military precision - starting at 5am when Dave leaves for work.

The family eat up to 16 boxes of cereal and eight loaves of bread a week, guzzling two gallons of milk per day. They eat their meals around a 11ftlong table.

And the family's weekly shop includes 14 gallons of milk, 8kg of hamburger meat, 7lb of chicken and three-dozen eggs - costing £250.

Previously the couple have defended their decision to have so many children.

Christi said: "Dave earns £50,000 a year and I'm good at managing the budget. One baby won't cost much more, we have most stuff.

We do lots of fun things together as a family, like driving into the mountains singing songs on the way, or going to the beach. Even though we can't afford vacations, with a big family there are always so many other things you can do to have fun.

"Dave and I always make sure we have time for each child individually."

Speaking at the time she fell pregnant with Vaughn, Christi said: "I'd still like twins - it would be great to experience. I think I've still got time for three more. Twenty kids would be an amazing achievement! I can't imagine a time when I stop changing nappies."

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