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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Think outside the box: You have an identity use it to change the world

How wonderful it is that nowadays people don’t need to wait a single moment before they can start improving the world. We have, telephone, computer that works just fine, new devices, talent…… despite the fact that God has been so good to us we shouldn’t miss our calling. We all have identity! They say the best two days of your life are when we are born, and when we find out why we were born. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as "Nobody".  Think of all the times God used one person to change the world,
  • Obama
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Mother Teresa
  • Rosa Parks
  • Abraham in the bible
  • Queen Esther in the bible
  • Joseph in the bible
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Ben Carson
and countless others along the way.  We are one person in the hand of our creator!  Don't sell yourself short!  Who knows what God might be doing through you tomorrow?  We all have an identity!
We need to stop thinking of ourselves as just a small person from a poor background living in a small community.  We belong to God who made the world!  His resources are unlimited.  His ability is unmatched. He can use us to change the world!  Only if we want to! It is time to stop looking at our limitation and begin looking at His power! It is time to realize that the smallest thing can be used by God to make an everlasting effect on His creation. We need to stop asking what we are able to do and start imagining what He can do in and through us.
When I was a Business management student there are all kinds of books in the library then, which encouraged us to "think outside the box".  They encourage students to dare to see what is not easily seen and to look beyond our understanding.  Those books challenged us to see opportunities rather than limitations.  The books encouraged us to look beyond the "way things have always been" and look for new methods and directions.
In a sense, I think this is what Jesus is saying to us.  He wants us to look at the Kingdom of God differently to what is happening around us today. We need to stop putting our confidence in our little strength and capability and begin trusting His ability. We need to stop trying to force things happening for us and let Him work in the quiet of a heart. 
We must stop concluding that things are hopeless and instead trust the quiet working of His Spirit.  We must stop excusing our responsibility and ignoring our opportunities because we are just a "little mustard seed". Instead, He wants us to rest in His hand and realize that in His hands; even the tiny seed can bring an eternal return. You are special and wonderful! You have it in you, Yes you CAN!
I wouldn't be surprised if there was someone reading my article today who thinks that they are so small, or so poor, or so weak, or so bad, or so ugly that God would never notice, care about, or use you.  But God does see you.  God loves you.  And Christ died for you.
It's an amazing thought, isn't it?  We are but one piece of dust in this massive universe but God knows your name and mine.  He knows my heart and yours.  He cares about our heartaches.  And He wants to love us as His own.  Jesus was thinking of you and me when He went to the cross.  To the rest of the world we may be nobodies . . . but to God we were so valuable that He sent His Son to set us free.
The world may not congratulate us.  People may not know our names or understand the things that matter to us.  But the God of the Universe has made us a part of His family. We are heirs to the King! We are keepers of the promise.  We are participants in the Kingdom of God.  We are part of God's army.  Though we are weak, He is strong. Though we stumble, He never does.  Though we may be confused, God sees clearly.  Our task is to remember and rest in these things.  And if we do, we will find a new sense of freedom and the journey which we call life will become a journey filled with joy. 
Have a nice day! 

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