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Friday, 8 November 2013

This is funny! A love letter ................ hopeless romantic elementary school teens

A schoolboy's love letter has become an online sensation after he received a hilariously pragmatic response from his heart's desire.

The little boy's letter, which was posted to Reddit on Tuesday, begins: 'Dear Ashley - would you please be my girlfriend, I like you a lot.'
He then, rather bravely, gives her three options - ’yes, no and maybe' - with an instruction to pick one.
Ashley promptly circles 'No'.
She replies that she can't be the letter-writer's girlfriend because she already has a boyfriend called Kyle.
However the letter doesn't end there. Ashley adds that when she breaks up with Kyle, then the letter-writer is her next choice.
'P.S. that will probably be a month or two,' she signs off. 
The elementary school love letter has been an instant hit since it was posted on Reddit yesterday, receiving more than 1.25million views so far.
One commentator on Reddit wrote Reddit: 'This kid later went on to invent OkCupid.'
Another added: 'A woman who knows what she wants? nicely done. I wonder if she carried that on into adulthood.'

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