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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

This news touched my heart! Boy, 10, whose father has brain tumour writes touching letter to Father Christmas

Heartfelt: Russell Harris with sons Ronnie (right), 10, and Lennie (left), six. Ronnie has written a letter to father Christmas asking him to cure his father's cancer

After reading this story kindly supports Ronnie with your prayers so that his DREAMS can come true. Thanks J

boy of10 has written a heart-breaking letter to Santa asking him to cure his father of a deadly brain tumour.

Ronnie Harris has told Father Christmas he has just one wish this year - help for Russell Harris, 32, as he fights for his life. The big-hearted youngster from Ipswich does not ask for a single present for Santa.
Ronnie’s expressed his wish through his letter to Santa – if Father Christmas could make his poignant dream come true that he would be the happiest boy in the whole world.

Letter: Ronnie does not ask Santa for a single gift for himself this coming Christmas

His mother, Emma Harris, 31, found the emotional letter under her son's bed – while cleaning his room and was moved to tears with pride.
Mrs Harris felt so proud of her little boy for thinking just of his dad and wanting him better.

Proud: Ronnie's mother Emma with Lennie (left) and Ronnie (right). She says the letter moved her to tears

She has known Mr Harris since they were three-year-olds growing up in the same neighbourhood in Ipswich. The childhood sweethearts started going out when they were teenagers, got married in August 2010 and also have a son Lennie, six. But they were left reeling when Mr Harris was struck down by a devastating brain tumour eight years ago.
The malignant, inoperable growth has become more aggressive and is now classed as grade four severity, leaving him critically ill and taking every day as it comes.
Ronnie does stuff 10-year-olds shouldn't have to do, like making his brother's breakfast and learning to cook.
She said Ronnie was distraught when his school recently finished runners-up in a table tennis competition because he so badly wanted to win for his father.
But Mrs Harris said that despite her husband's illness, he has continued to attend all of his son's home matches for local football club Ipswich Valley Rangers FC.

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