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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Update: 6 feared dead and 32 injured in police helicopter pub crash

Clutha Bar in Glasgow

The Police Scotland helicopter crashed into The Clutha pub on the banks of the Clyde in Glasgow City Centre at around 10.25pm last night, leaving at least six people dead and more than 30 people were injured.

Emergency services had to drag customers out of the premises after the aircraft fell from the sky 'like a stone'.

A police officer at the scene said there were a 'few confirmed deaths' but could not say how many.

According to Sky News reports, sources have said that six people have been killed.

Customers who were wounded in the busy venue were carried out by eyewitnesses who created a human chain, lifting people to safety.

Many of the wounded were treated at a nearby Holiday Inn as 80 firefighters attended the scene. A witness said it looked as though the rotor blades of the aircraft were not working as it fell from the sky.
Labour MP Jim Murphy, who was at the scene, said: 'It's a terrible, terrible, terrible scene.' Firefighters were still working to make the scene safe.

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