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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Video - Please don't try this at all: Woman Ties Chunk of Meat to Herself to Race Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragon meat race woman
Japanese celebrity and adventurer Ayako Imoto raced for her dear life when she was playing a wind-up with a komodo dragon. And she did so by tying a chunk of meat around her waist, wearing a kimono.
Have you ever try running while wearing a kimono? It’s not easy! Not even when a big carnivore lizard is chasing you! Watch the video below.

This video shows a woman waiting for a dragon to come as its smells it meat, and then the woman prepares to run speedily for her dear life.
As the animal make a move toward Ayako, she started running confidently in the dust terrain, then the komodo lizard is seen speeding and at a point you will think the big lizard will swallow her
The woman then runs toward camera and the crew member scatter and protect themselves with wooden poles
But this is not the first time when Ayako Imoto is seen performing this daring stunt
She had earlier perform this kind of unusual activities wearing uniform
Imoto have her own wild life segment of Japanese TV and she is well known for her dare devil antics
She has carried out antic such as wrestling alligator, racing cheetahs and handling deadly predator.
Just to let you know how powerful and dangerous this lizard is -Komodo dragons are the largest lizard in the world, move at 15 miles an hour and can scent their prey from miles away

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