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Monday, 25 November 2013

Video:Check out this impromptu dance off from a Detroit Pistons game. The kid is......

I love the Yanks...never a dull moment! Sometimes, it’s not just the action on the game court that generates the most excitement during a sporting event but what happens during the timeouts.
During Tuesday’s Detroit Pistons game against New York, the crowds were on their feet for a chance to be caught on the 'Dance Cam.'
After scanning the crowd, the camera locks onto a kid who seems willing to have a go.

After pulling a few moves, the Dance Cam moves onto an usher who is already well known for his dancing skill.
After breaking down with his dance moves, the camera switches back to the kid as he is thrust into an impromptu dance-off.
Winner: The kid had the last word and ultimately won the battle
The young boy can move and the look on his face is priceless as the crown yells out for more.
Although the usher lets loose pulling out some of his best dance floor routines, the little boy just does not give up and the usher gives him a run for his money.

Scroll down to see the full video...


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