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Friday, 8 November 2013

Wave good bye to energy bills, but say hello to your new £10 ………

Are you tired of paying heavy energy bills? If yes, then Britain’s first home powered completely by solar panels may be just for you and me. It means we will never have to pay a gas or electricity bill again. I can’t wait to buy one! Would you? Wait till you read further.

The innovative, timber-framed home is built with ‘zero-carbon features’, meaning it produces more energy than it uses.

Solar energy collected during the summer is stored by heating the ground under the building. This energy is then retrieved through a heat pump when needed in the winter. The solar panels collect enough heat from the sun to provide heating and hot water, as well as twice the electricity needed to run the system.

The five-bedroom property is for sale for £995,000. According to my research, before you install Solar Panels or buy a Solar Panels house please think well because the people who built such houses in Spain are now being tax and some are even removing the Solar Panels to avoid taxes. It does not stretch the imagination too far that our Government will go down the same road.

Do you still want to buy? Don’t worry with God and hard work all things are possible!

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