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Thursday, 7 November 2013

"Wow, the £8million Lotto winner who won't give up......"

After becoming £8million richer overnight, Ron Elliot could have been pardoned for taking the weekend off to reflect on his life-changing win.

But the morning after, the care home employee who earns £15,000- a year was up at 6am to go to work.
When reporters asked the 67-year-old, why he couldn’t take a day off from his job, he said his clients have dementia and suffer from memory loss and they need care. And the residents are 90 years old and he have to give them their breakfast, do their laundry and do the housework because the old people rely on him and he can’t just take time off.

However, Mr Elliot has the residents of the care home to thank for his win. He was actually on the way to work when he decided to pop in to a newsagent and buy the Lucky Dip ticket.

The grandfather-of-two would like to see his grandchildren have a good Christmas. Mr Elliot is a widower and has lived alone for 40 years since his wife died in a car crash just a year after they were married. To celebrate his win, he was planning to have a few pints of lager at his local pub with friends. But he has no plans to retire from the care home.


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