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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

AMS: VICTORY - Speak Life into Your Situation Because You've Won!

Sometimes we have to go back to the basics. We have to remind ourselves to look at the Victor. We have to look at Jesus and know on the inside. His situation looked hopeless to man, but his victory was right there. As a child I thought my immediate elder sister was sometimes crazy because everything was JESUS and if I complained about anything, her response was always, Alaba, what does your Bible say. But she was preparing me for a time such as this. I would get a tummy ache and she would get the Bible and say what the word of God says about your health? She wanted me to know that God is able, He is my answer.
Recently I was really vulnerable, just going through some stuff, you know testing period but then I started reading Psalms 23 every morning.  By reading this Psalms, I understand that he is the greatest shepherd and that His goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. I know that when people, trials and anything come against me. My God will be bigger and I will win. That is why when people start acting crazy..... I simply give them their space. I say Lord I am not fighting with them, I will not be fighting WITH ANYBODY. Friends should love at all times but when they are acting crazy I say Lord the battle is not mines, for you said the trial would come but I am an overcomer in Christ Jesus. Lord you said.......
When sickness tries to take my body I say devil you are a liar, you have no place here. This body is the temple of God and you have no right to it. As a child I would draw the picture of Jesus riding a horse and write poems about my body being God's temple and I had no idea, but my body belongs to God. That is what kept me from being sexually active in high school. I did not want to abuse this temple he had given me. When I took my fall (backslide) in Polytechnic I said Lord the temptation is great, you need to send my husband J.  So Satan has no right in you. You have to talk to illness for it is a spirit force. "You must go in the name of Jesus."
But please understand I am a work in progress and I am still working on the Angels bringing me billions..... so that I may truly be a blessing to othersJ. However, I understand that it is all in my mouth. I will reign victoriously. Just know God is able! It truly does not matter what it looks like. Just speak positive words into your life remember there is power in your tongue.
God shook me one day. It was after I finished my first degree. I was looking for money to pay for my second degree (Postgraduate) course, I had no money, no parent to help, no good job but I still trust God. My student visa was running out but I trust in God. I prayed like never before and God said I am still God. One of my friend from church just called me and said Mariam God told me to give you 1/3 of you University fees, I was shocked but lo and behold I have already saw her in my dream wiping my tears. If I had not known God maybe the world would have laughed at me.  
In August 2005, I had a dream, in that dream I saw finger writing on the sky, the sky was really white but I could not see what the finger was writing, the finger moved towards me and all I could see was I WILL MAKE A WAY FOR YOU WHERE THERE SEEM TO BE NO WAY. When I got out of my sleep, I thank God about the dream and I told my sisters.  Do you want to know why I thank God? You see JESUS is the only I AM THAT I AM. Satan can never say I because devil knew where he belong. Anytime I’m going through trials in my life. I always remind God about the promise of “I WILL”. My God is a God of COVENANT!
Knowing God has to do with walking with God, please if you don’t know HIM try to know him today because He will brighten your life. My life is not perfect in the way that the world will see it today, but I have tasted the goodness of God in so many ways. All that Jesus went through for you and I was a test of identity. Know who you are in Christ Jesus. Please don’t limit God to your needs because the greatness of God is beyond human imagination.
As a child of God killing our prey is part of us, how can a Kings and Queens like us get scared in our domain (on this earth), all we need to do is to speak light into any darkness in our life. Decree it in Faith and it shall come to pass!
You see we are in warfare in the spirit realm and we have to understand as we walking in God daily, trials will come our way but we have the power in us to overcome trials.The power is called TONGUE, use it well and don’t just speak like the mere men of this world.
Just as CeCe Winans sings in "Waging War." For if  you allow SATAN to take you out he can takes out the whole family. Every morning confess and say it loud: I am a child of the Most High God, I grow in wisdom, stature and favour with God and man. I am obedient and will never go the way of the world; I shall live and not die. I will declare the works of the Lord, I will speak in new tongues, no deadly thing shall hurt me. I will lay hands on the sick and the sick shall be made well. I am grateful that I have mouth to make that confession. I had to learn to speak what I want and need.
I learned to dispatch angels via Psalms 91 and Psalms 23 but it is a daily walk. We have to be prayerful for your prayers truly availeth much! Your confessions are your power. We truly frame our lives by our words. Speak life (Positive) into your situation because you are a winner!

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