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Are you grateful for what you have? Or do you always want more? Answer these questions to find out.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, you're most excited about:

A.   Getting them.

B.   Both giving and getting them.

C.   Giving them.

Your little brother/ sister saved all of his/ her money to buy you a gift he/she thought you'd like. But it's not exactly your kind of thing. You:

A.   Give a big hug and use it a couple of times.

B.   Thank him/her, but exchange it.

C.   Frown.

When you pray, you spend most of your time:

A.   Thanking God for providing for your needs.

B.   Asking for help with the things that weigh on your mind.

C.   Reminding God about the new things you need.

Your whole family signs up to serve Christmas dinner at a homeless shelter. You're:

A.   Happy to be able to serve with them.

B.   A little disappointed that you won't be at home around the dining room table.

C.   Angry because your Christmas Day has been ruined.

After you have an injury, your best friend helps you to do your house chore for an entire week. You:

A.   Take him/her out to dinner once you feeling better.

B.   Drop him/her a quick e-mail, just to say thanks.

C.   Totally forget to thank him/her—but you're not worried, because he knows you appreciate him.

Your dad lost his job just before Christmas. You:

A.   Tell your parents not to worry about giving you gifts this year. You have everything you need.

B.   Feel sorry for yourself, but try not to complain.

C.   Remind them they still have credit cards they could use.

When you've received a gift, how long does it take you to send a thank you note?

A.   A week.

B.   Sometime might pass, but you feel it's pretty important to get it done.

C.   You don't send thank you notes.

When you look at the stuff you have packed into your room, you:

A.   Realize you need to start a box to donate to the charity shop.

B.   Sometimes wish you had more.

C.   Wish your room could have an extreme makeover—complete with new things.

When you window shop, you:

A.   Have a lot of fun. You don't mind just looking. Well I do that a lots

B.   Sometimes wish you had a little more money. There are some things you'd really like to buy.

A.   Always feel a little down. You'll never be able to afford all the things you want.

When you buy some new clothes, you:

A.   Thank God you can get new stuff at all.

B.   Find yourself wishing you could have afforded the designer clothes the celebrities are wearing.

C.   Complain to your spouse/ friend or family until they give you extra money so you can buy the better stuff.

Your boyfriend bought you a used laptop. Your best friend's boyfriend got her a newer, faster one. You:

A.   Don't give it a second thought.

B.   Feel a little slighted, but don't let it get you down.

C.   Feel pretty jealous. It doesn't seem fair.

The car your boyfriend or husbands just bought you is older than dirt and doesn't have AC or a radio. So you:

A.   Proudly cruise around town. Hey, you've got two more wheels than you had before.

B.   Appreciate that he’s given you the best he could.

C.   Are totally embarrassed



Mostly A's:
Your heart is in the right spot! You don't need a reminder to see how well God and your love ones have provided for you. When someone does something nice for you, you thank them right away. It's not often that you find yourself wanting more than you have. And you're even willing to give to those who are less fortunate than you are. A grateful heart pleases God.

Mostly B's:
You're grateful for what you have … most of the time. Some-times you do find yourself wishing for bigger and better things. You're usually good about saying thank you, but sometimes it slips your mind. Try not to get wrapped up in always wanting more—and don't forget that God will take care of all your needs.

Mostly C's:
It can be tough for you to be happy with what you have. But when you start wanting more, don't forget to think about all of the good things in your life. Be sure to say thanks when someone does something nice for you. And remember, the gift of God's love is more than enough.


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