Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Beauty of the Day: Helen Nanjira Gregory - Super Models 4 Christ

Meet Helen Nanjira Gregory, the founder of Super Model 4 Christ, qualified Counsellor, former International model and beauty Queen, now a proud mother and a great woman of God.
Sis Helen as known to many is a great friend of mine and more like a sister. I have watched Sis Helen’s life blossoming into a beautiful flower. Her strong faith in God and strength is admirable as a woman of Virtue, Grace and Excellence. I have seen challenges coming her way melting into victories before her.  It is a privileged and a great honour to feature her today.

I asked her to describe herself in one line, Sis Helen exclaimed, “It’s all about Beauty with a Purpose”.  With no doubt, Sis Helen is just like our modern day QUEEN ESTHER, blessed favoured and serving her King Christ Jesus with pre-eminence above all that concerns her life. 
Like QUEEN ESTER, Sis Helen, the way she handled different past challenges or any challenges coming her way, definitely proves that, as many who would join the dream and the vision of Super Model 4 Christ would be destined for greatness, and would join Helen chariot of DESTINY CHANGES, in the Modelling and fashion world.

                                     The above picture shows Sis Helen praying for a new convert of Christianity

Sis Helen is known as a great motivational speaker, encourager and counsellor. She also gives her time to lead many to our Lord and personal saviour Jesus Christ. Sis Helen is a real pacesetter. 
Amongst others, she also currently on a weekly basis, lead a women’s group called “The Virtuous Gracious Women”  The group which consist of women from all works of life (single mothers and married women), who have all come to know Christ Jesus as their Lord and saviour and are hungry to grow more in Him.
As a bible study class teacher in her church, sis Helen and the group meet for prayers, fellowship, sharing of testimonies and great miracles are experience among these women Helen confirms. 
Sis Helen also declares about the group that, “ it’s a great joy for me to see Christ restoring boldness and lavishing His love in this women and seeing their life transformed beautifully, as Christ brings meaning to their life. I am proud to be part of their journey.”
Sis Helen truly encapsulates the definition of beauty inside and out. The seed of greatness is definitely in her to succeed and prosper in all that she does. This world is blessed to have her as a gift to Nations, and she gives all the glory to the greater one, God, the Holy Spirit who daily guides and beautifies her life.  

Check out this link for many of Sis Helen’s great testimonies and journey as a woman of God. http://wikisozo.com/story/read/24464/the-word-alive-in-meand-glory-n-joy-unspeakable#.UkmQX3pwbIU

Sis Helen also encourages, as many to join her on the number one, Christian social network www.yookos.com to meet other Christians for fellowship and for a great impartation of God’s word in their life. She says, “YOOKOS is more than a social network, is a place of fellowship with people who are like-minded, it’s fun, I spend most of my time on there and what I learn daily is beyond descriptions."
Sis Helen encourages many to follow her on, UK ZONE 1 page. “I have grown so much from sharing and even getting life transforming business ideas, that I just know will be earth shaking once manifested in Gods timing. I am loaded with wisdom, knowledge and understanding just by being On YOOKOS”, she says.
The interaction and fellowship on YOOKOS are spirit filled with mostly Christians and the presence of the Holy Spirit Himself. It is a place to be, for those that love soul winning.
I got the chance to find out from the former International Model and Beauty Queen, Helen Nanjira Gregory, who is now the founder of SUPER MODELS 4 CHRIST to share her thoughts on Modelling. Helen responds:
“Modeling and Fashion industry is a world that glorifies perfection. Where fame and fortune can be defined by beauty, where "beauty" can lead to tragedy...However there is always a second chance with our Lord Jesus” (Helen Gregory)
I'm so blessed to know her and I can't wait to promote her book which will be a must read for all the young and older women out there! 

Join Sis Helen on the FACEBOOK PAGE “Super Models 4 Christ”, click on the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Super-Models-4-Christ/666754123335007  and LIKE her PAGE and leave your comments to build and edify.

More to discover about this extra ordinary life of Sis Helen, filled with joy unspeakable Testimonies, What a mighty God we serve?


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