Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Come on people there is plenty of room let go on adventure with Jesus in 2014!

I love the bible and I love the church but the question is if Jesus was to VISIT our church(YOU) today which is the last day in the month of December 2013 would you have let him in? You see the world preach religion but I tell you Jesus and religion are not the same. Religion and Jesus are opposite spectrum because when religion says “Do” Jesus said “IT IS DONE”, when religion say silent but Jesus said speak and receive freedom. Religion put man in bondage but Jesus set us free.  Religions make people blind and far away from the truth but Jesus make you see because Jesus is the true light.
Religion is man searching for God but Jesus is God searching for man that is why salvation and forgiveness are freely given unto man, this is not based on our merit or our faithfulness, he just love you and me. Jesus took that crown of thorn and blood was dripping all over his face just for you and me, he did not preach religion on that cross but he showed us love by interceding on our behalf and he said “Father forgive them for they did not know what they are doing”. He was buried and He rose again his body suffer no corruption.  COME ON PEOPLE THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM LET GO ON ADVENTURE WITH JESUS!
Today is the end to a season in our life and another season will come to an existence in the next 10hours, I know you’ve already have a plan for 2014 but the truth is without Jesus it might be difficult to achieve those plan, so what is your decision, would you receive Him as your Lord and personal saviour.  We all need help and a saviour, can’t you see our economy is failing, the rate of divorce is high, heresy everywhere, and who can we trust in this perilous time if not JESUS.  Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart will you open the door and let him in?
You know yourself, you can never play God.  God loves you, His GRACE are sufficient for you and me. If there is any prayer you should pray today or tonight let it be the prayer of salvation. Start your 2014 with JESUS and you will never regret it.  You see, I was once like you, broken-hearted, lonely and sinner but my bible make me to understand that Jesus is closer to me. According to Physics, opposite attract negative just the same way Jesus is attracted to sinner. Open your heart for HIM to be your friend, your lover and your saviour. When Jesus said it is FINISHED On the cross, I believe He meant it. I am not perfect but I give my life to Jesus just the way I am, and I believe Jesus will accept you just the same way you are today!
Have a Wonderful New Year, full of HIS Unspeakable Gifts and Exceeding Grace.

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