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Saturday, 7 December 2013

"Please be informed " What does your wee-wee or pee COLOUR say about your wellbeing???

This piece is not to frighten you guys but a stitch in time save nine. I presume everyone knows that our waste product (urine or pee) can change from healthy 'pale straw' to potentially dangerous 'brown ale’; urine comes in a wide range of colours.  
Also, the colour of a person's urine can be influenced by factors other than hydration.
Now doctors at a U.S. Medical Centre - Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, have drawn up a diagram of different possible shades of urine to illustrate what is normal and what is not.
Scroll down to see diagram

If a person's urine is fizzy it could be a sign that they are eating too much protein. It could also be a symptom of kidney problems and if a person's urine turns green, and stays that way, they are advised to visit a doctor.

Thanks for reading, health is wealth take care of you!

Source:Daily Mail

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