Sunday, 15 December 2013

Revival, Revival Revival: Christian group takes to sky to spread Gospel into North Korea

This is the kind of news I like to share – An American Pastor Eric Foley and members of his Christian mission group called Seoul in the United State is using balloons made from a large sheet of farm plastic, filled with hydrogen to dispatch Bibles and tracts.
The group use GPS technology to direct the balloons to where the Bibles land and timers are then used to release the materials in stages, dispersing them at high altitudes across North Korea. Around 50,000 of them have dropped from the skies in the last year.

In North Korea, the practice of Christianity is illegal. Owning a Bible is a crime, and any person caught with one is sent – along with three generations of his or her family – to prison.
North Koreans are forced to embrace Juche ideology, which mixes Marxism with worship of the late "Great Leader" Kim Il Sung and his family – a warped version of Christianity.

Foley and his group won the legal rights to conduct the balloon launches from South Korea, but officials there "don't make it easy," he said, noting that they often try to force hydrogen suppliers not to sell the group hydrogen. 
Every time the group fills up the balloons, they hold it and pray together in English, North Korean and South Korean. Sometimes pray loudly and always with tears. 

Praise the Lord! Halleluyah!

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