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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Cherish your heart!!! Do you ever think about what really matters to you?

Shoes are made for walking and I love buying and wearing shoes but I've been thinking  a lot lately about how well I treasure my heart and I've started to see that it's really easy for me to focus on things that don't matter. This piece might not be for everyone but I believe in sharing my thought. Please read on…..
For example, three years ago to be precise, I used to work for one of the automobile companies in the United Kingdom; I was earning lots of money and spend my money like its water. Then, I don't think about where my money it's going or where it's coming from. I was such an impulse buyer to the extent that I was a regular customer on ASOS, OFFICE SHOE and ZARA.
Well, not too long ago, I bought this expensive Carvela Kurt Geiger shoes they were beautiful, and I was so excited!


But then I started thinking, Wait a second, this isn't making me a better person. It's just a pair of shoes! Yeah, they look really cool brand new, but they'll probably go out of style next week. They certainly don't matter much in the whole scope of life.
It's pretty tempting for me to get caught up in material possessions and is an illusion to think that the things I have are what make me cool or important or worthy of love. Other people I know get their value from their accomplishments or their brains or whatever.
I have this friend who's an IT Guru, and he really struggles not to let his profession define who he is. He can get so hung up on improving his skills that it becomes the most important thing to him. But I try to remind him (and myself!) not to get caught up with success.
It's so important to remember what God values most, and what he wants our lives to look like. Life isn't about cool shoes or being a great IT Project Manager. It's about who we are in Christ Jesus and what we've done to bring people to him.
The truth is, in the end, I don't want to be remembered for the selfless things or accomplishment I've made, and I sure don't want to be remembered for what I wore on my feet! I want people to remember how faithful I was, how I showed Christ in my life. Most of all, that's what God cares about.
When I stand in front of God and he judges me, I don't want him to say, "Hey, you accomplished a lot and you had a great pair of shoes. But I never knew you." I want him to say,
                  "You kept your eyes on me, on the things that mattered. Well done!"
Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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