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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

AMS: Word of Hope

 Sometimes, God allows other people to receive good things before us so that our Faith can rise to believe Him for ours'. Never allow what you are passing through, to dictate where you are going to because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

 Sometimes it's difficult to get started because we don't know where to start. Instead of looking for the start line, just begin from exactly where you are now; you'll soon be on your way. When you think there is nowhere to go but down, look up to JESUS and you'll see another way because He makes a way where there seem to be no way.


 Only God has the total picture about life, the rest of us only view it in segments. Until you know what you want, God cannot do it for you (James 1:8). Any man, who looks back to the Sodom of his past, can never enter into the Canaan of his future (Luke 9:62). Thank God for today and hope for a better tomorrow. When you give Him thanks for the little you have today, your little will become much, with leftovers.

 It is the vision that you have for your life that becomes set for an appointed time (Habakkuk 2:3). Never become contended with a better yesterday. Every true dream takes time to come to pass, for as long as you keep dreaming, your dream will never expire (Psalms 37:5). That you have not arrived today does not mean that you will not arrive tomorrow (Jeremiah 29:11). Remember, Hope in Christ Jesus never disappoint.
 It is well with us all in Jesus name. Amen!
 Have a wonderful day! xoxo

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