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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Eat all you can or food wastage??? Student hunts for food from the supermarket dustbin to survive

The question is, would you eat a food from the supermarket dustbin? The above picture is the astonishing haul of free food that a group of student 'skip divers' snatched from a supermarket dustbin.
The group of student always scaled a 10ft metal gate before taking the food which was past its sell-by date out of a smelly bin compound to survive.

According to the reporters -The results of one night's trip by these students, including racks of ribs, gourmet sausages, cheese strings, sweet breads, citrus fruit, ready meals and a bunch of roses - all deemed out of date by supermarkets.
In this part of the world we have been encouraged to shop and consume for decades and have lost the good habits which were the backbone of households. We must remember the future and develop sustainable eating habits to help ensure enough food for the future. Food may seem plentiful now, but we should beware of a false sense of food security.
I am not surprise that this kind of food wastage is happening in the so called developed country while children are crying for just one banana a day in under developed nation. By and large people are really starving and suffering. Forget about developing nation or developed nation.  The law of supply and demand is the same everywhere all over the world.  Consumers are seriously worried about the cost of food and how it has increased over recent years. Yet, as Wrap's research shows, supermarket are still wasting millions of tonnes and billions of pounds on food.

Some people have no idea how to budget and some of them have their lives revolve around best before and sell by dates without realising they're throwing good food away.

Perhaps the reason why supermarkets waste a lot food is partly to do with how cheaply food is produced from Africa and imported into the UK. Those who grow and make their own food have respect for where it has come from and how it came to be on their table. The gap between the consumer and the consumed is narrower. Ultimately, food is too cheap, and too easy to come by in this part of the world.

If people only buy what they were absolutely sure they would eat and Supermarkets only stocked what they were sure they would sell Britain and other developed nation could be a food waste free society. But that would be the end of food for pleasure, buying on impulse and changing our minds with the weather or how we feel. Where there is choice there will be waste. In my opinion the key to this problem is education!

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