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Saturday, 1 February 2014

How a feeble and friendless man became friend with a very well-known King

If you're anything like me, you sometimes dream about having dinner with your favorite celebrity. But chances are, those dreams aren't going to come true any time soon. Well, I do know a Nigeria celebrity who acted a major role in Eji owuro (Morning dew).
I also kind of met Omotola Jalade once back in the days when she was not that popular. She was walking on the street of North London when my friend Busola and I saw her. I shouted out "Omotola!" She threw me a peace sign. Things were going well, but then Busola looked at her in a funny way. Obviously, my friend tried too hard. Omotola got into her friend’s car and sped off.
I love spotting celebs but not any longer. There's something about celebrities that separates them from us so-called "normal" people. Maybe it's the fame, maybe it's the money, maybe it's because of their expensive cars and summer houses.

Even though we might not say it, we sometimes believe that celebrities are not only different from us, but also better than we are. So imagine how it must have felt to be called out of the wild wilderness of obscurity to join the family of the most powerful and most famous king in the known wide world.

That's what exactly happened in a story about a guy named Mephibosheth (friendless man). You can find this story in the bible, just open to 2 Samuel chapters 9. The story is one of the most beautiful and accurate examples or glimpses we regular people will ever get of ourselves.

Mephibosheth's dad was Jonathan—the son of Saul, who was Israel's king. Good deal, huh? Well, not really just read on because Grandfather Saul's rebellion against God and unreasonable jealousy toward Jonathan's best friend, David, led to Saul's death and the murder of all of his sons. Please read on…..
Shortly after Saul's death, David was named King of Israel. In those days, a king would establish his rule by killing any of the last king's relatives. I am sure most of us that are from the royal family would be very happy that they were not born during those periods J. So Mephibosheth assumed things were not looking good for him.  I can’t imagine what he was going through ……
Before long, King David want to fulfilled the promise he made to Jonathan and David went out searching for  remaining relatives of his long lost friend Jonathan. As David searches, he learns about Mephiposheth, a son of Jonathan's who had been crippled while running for his life (2 Samuel 4:4). When his hiding place is discovered, Mephibosheth is certain David will have him killed. Instead, Israel's new king delivers the great news to Jonathan's terrified son.
"'Don't be frightened,' said David. I will be kind to you, because I loved Jonathan, your father, and he loved me.To begin with, I'm returning to you all the possessions of your grandfather Saul. Furthermore, from now on you'll eat your meals at my table'" (2 Samuel 9:7).
Instead of ending the life of his adversary's grandson, David gave him a life by making him a part of the royal family.
The writer of 2 Samuel makes it very clear that Mephibosheth was crippled "in both feet" (read 2 Samuel 9:13). I guess this point is intentional. Mephibosheth really had nothing to offer David. He had very little to offer anyone else. But in David's eyes, he mattered enough to not only have his life spared, but also to be offered a life beyond his wildest dreams. What an amazing glimpse of God's grace. What an amazing glimpse at ourselves.
If I'm honest with myself I have to admit that I, like Mephibosheth, have very little to offer God. Sure I've got a few skills, you know, like cooking skills, braiding hair skills and writing skills. But the truth is, God didn't choose me (or you, for that matter) for what I could offer him, but for what he could offer me—a LIFE. A life that I don't deserve. A seat at the very table of God! That's the secret—none of us deserve to be here!  God is faithful to us; let us not be unfaithful to one another.
In verse 9 -13, according to my understanding as David was a type of Christ, therefore, let his kindness to Mephibosheth remind us of the kindness and love of God our Saviour for you and I. Jesus Christ  was under no obligation, as David was to Jonathan. The Son of God seeks this lost and ruined race, who sought not after him. He comes to seek and to save them! God in his infinite kindness has offered you a seat at his table and a place in his family. (Read Luke 14:15-23). I am not a Pastor but please ponder on these words!
To get a picture of how cool this is, tomorrow when you're having lunch at work, invite someone who's sitting all alone to come and eat with you. Invite them to your table. Get to know them. Don't treat them like you're better than them; treat them like you have been treated by God—an undeserving stranger who's been invited to sit at the table.
Another thing I was thinking about in this bible passage was that, this kindness of David to Mephibosheth might have brought trouble to David; for Mephibosheth the son of Jonathan, and the grandson of Saul, might have been the king if David had not won the crown. By giving to Saul's grandson a place at his table, and showing him honor, David might have helped him to take the kingdom away from himself, if Mephibosheth had been a stronger man(not cripple), with a purpose to win the throne of Israel. But David was generous, and Mephibosheth was grateful, and was contented with his place in the palace. Are you contented and grateful?
The conclusion of my story is David was truly a man after God's own heart. It will only take a man that fear God to want to show favour and kindness to the grandson of a man(Saul) who try to kill him(David). I am not surprise that God love David so much. What I learn from the verse is that, our life must be completely dedicated to God and making the fear of God rule our heart should be our priority.
We all need to care for each other and we need to care for others people’s children. This really opened my heart and inspired me to be a better friend. Even thou Jonathan had died King David kept the covenant he made with Jonathan. That is very rare today because men are promise breakers but God never disappoint.

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