Friday, 21 February 2014

No man is above the law and no man is below it: Police officer arrested over fraud

A serving police officer, a constable has been arrested as part of a fraud investigation. The officer had been suspended from duty as a result of the arrest and the matter had been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
Norfolk Police spokesman said the officer was one of three people - a man and woman in their 30s and a second woman in her 50s - arrested in Norwich yesterday morning as part of an ongoing inquiry.
They were arrested for offences including fraud and money laundering. All three have been released on bail pending further investigations.
"No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man's permission when we require him to obey it." Obedience to the law is demanded as a right from everybody not asked as a favour.
Laws are the epitome of human race. Laws aren't meant to be broken.

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