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Thursday, 20 February 2014

YUK!! Watch Pizza Hut becomes Pizza Shut as employee caugth weeing into fast food deep kitchen sink in Kermit,West Virginia

The branch of the fast food chain (Pizza Hut) in Kermit, West Virginia, has been shut down after surveillance footage emerged of the district manager relieving himself in the sink.
Since the shocking and stomach-turning surveillance video surfaced the local media reported that the Mingo County health department has ordered the pizza hut in Kermit to shut down. The employee in question has since been fired. His name was not released.

Watch the below  35-second video shot and see how the manager calmly walked up to a deep sink in the fast food restaurant kitchen, unzipping his jeans and wee……..


The big deal about this video is that:
1. This man is not just your average "employee".....the district manager!!
2. The district manager is using kitchen as toilet
3. Does not shake off the last drops (smelly pants)
4. Barely turns on water to 'flush'
5. Does not wash his germ hands
5. Obviously, he did this on a regular basis.
6. I am not judging him but the man is too careless
Did you know that 75% of men who go to the bathroom just to Wee/Pee or urinate don't wash their hands?  See if you hear the bathroom faucet running after your brother, dad, grandfather or uncle uses the bathroom.  You won't.  Eewww oh no!!!
Then, they still use the same hands to prepare the food, shake hands and hugs. It is important to bring this topic up in your house.
Now think twice before ordering a dirty pizza!!!

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